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Giant rusty Helmet and 9′ Sword

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A powerful skeleton has been unearthed in the vicinity of Moresville, Morgan county. A correspondent of the Indianapolis Journal writes from that place.

Supervisor Bray, in opening a new road three miles southeast of this place, on the land of Mrs. Martha Leethers, unearthed a skeleton, the like of which was never seen before. It has, to a considerable extent, the appearance of a human being. It was found in almost a state of preservation.

I made an examination of the object discovered a few days since. Standing up it measures five feet and ten inches. The head is narrower and more depressed than the human skull. There are two protuberances or horns coming out on each side, or rather at the top front, resembling at the base those of a buck sheep, but instead of a curl, make a gradual curve backward. The capacity of the brain is not more than half as large as is common for man. The arms apparently resemble those of a man, but the greatest curiosity yet is the prolongation of the spinal column, forming a tail about a foot long, the end of which shows signs of decay. Probably, in the living animal, it might have extended to the ground, and, armed with a tuft of hair, have served as a defense against flies in warm weather.

There is a bony excrescence on the front part of each knee as though it had been formed for walking on the ground, in case of necessity. The feet and hands are mostly decayed, so that I could not give a definite description of them. Since the discovery, people are constantly going to see the curiosity. The sons of Mrs. Leathers refuse to let it be taken away but take great pleasure in showing it. The most difficult part for naturalists to decide is to what race or species it belongs, as I have never seen or heard of anything of the kind before. It cannot be properly classed either with man or quadruped.

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