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Giant Race left bones in Butler County, Kentucky

 Butler County
On the farm property of judge T.C. Carson are several native mounds, and caves. From of the mounds about 7 miles below Morgan-town
a large quantity of human bones from a greater ancestor, including the jawbones that were large enough to fit over the jaw of a lesser descendant today. Butler County
In the smaller bend of Green River, in Saltpeter Cave a large quantity of bones were found there, the teeth were sound in their sockets and equally massive. The teeth remained firm, but the rest of the bones seem to crumble to dust when exposed to air due to their great age. Butler County

There are many stories of bones crumbling upon exposure to the air, this may be because of the age of the mound and bones being in a protected, undisturbed environment, it might also be due to the heat where these mounds create an anaerobic environment, and acts like an earth oven rendering the bones to a baked ash. It is possible that it may be an attempt to preserve the dna for future generations if the mounds were truly Nephilim, the angelic side might not be suitable for preservation in our atmosphere.

~Chris L Lesley

Fritz Zimmerman: Nephilim Chronicles, Fallen Angels in the Ohio Valley