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Giant Male Mummy, and a Petrified Woman


,1 It J! JIIET TO Jl E Tit VST ED. ‘ ‘VaxSV
pa nTaSYaTaTaTJ
JL. Factory Oat Wont Tnrnlnr Oat Specie ‘JxtBxtBVsl
mens Thut Fool rlelentlala Iaicesutlfjf viIbTsxsBi
Displayed hv ts Ulrtnt Mummy aad at B
I’etrllled tromun. Wnrranted Oeanlaaw luBxsnBxfl
Washington, Dec B. Officials of the BmlUw ,axBxBx,
sonlan Institution and other scientists in’Wnsll- txBxBYI
Ington have bcon oalled upon repeatedly sxsBxsBW
during tho last four years to make examlna- ”axtH
lions of nllcf-ed mummies, and to determine) Bl
whether thoy wore genuine. The requests hare) rH
come from exhibitors, as well as front private :iH
collectors. Tho scientists here do not bellartt SsmsxsBxl’
that many spurious mummies have been seat to) iexsBWaxi
the largo museums, but they do believe that .JxsxtBWtl
thcro nro many bogus mummies In private ce4 BtsBWal
lections, nnd they havo discovered the exittenOsi iAxtBxnl
of u lllllu mummy manufactory la the. West. H
So far ns Is known, thure have” iBxBxa
lerfeltsot Kgyptlnn mummies. To make thtnt lijasxsfli
would be dnngcrnus work, for a trained arohtt- tiSxxBm
nloglst could quickly unmask tho deception. iBxsBxa
Tho manufacturers have bean turning, thtlr JaxsxsBm.
attention moro to making mnmmlesof Booth- , ‘iMsxanl’
tvostcrn Indians, and ot white persons In the- t’asxn8
North and West. The Egyptian mummies sxsxasH
have tho higher market value, txtlua worth fl
S.00. while tho Indian mummies ore worth, ABlf ALaafl
from $100 to S:i00, according to age and,,loe ‘texssaH
tlon. Tho manner In whloh tho manufMtnrtra ‘iH
work Is very Ingenious. Tho Arm usually oon- sxtxasH
slsts of two or moro persons. To deceive the are ‘-nassssH
ot tho scientist, much more than a rudimentary ‘IxaxsssH
knuwledge of anatomy and ethnology Is required. jH
In tho manufacture of spurious Indians toe ‘IsxIbxsbI
conformation ot the head, wnlch differs tome- H
whnt lu different parts of the country, must be ssssssi
considered, and the objects burlod with the red sIIbxI’
men must bo selected by ethnologic knowledge. 4xssssfl
The effect of time upon the bones and tissue LnLaH
must bo very carefully studied and the maun sHawl
facturod mummy must be properly smoked and H
nged by various processes, suoh as bury lug and ”BxasB,
wetting. In nil of these tbjnge thn menu foe- ‘;isllBWa
turers havo shown themselves to bo wondsr- IIbWbB
fully adept. Tor instance. In the one particular ‘B
of hnir, which almost always remwlns cllngine sxIbTh
to tho skull oven after the flesh has disappeared ijsssssm
or dried up, Juto la the common material used aV
for this purpose, and this, fastened to the skull ‘Hl
of somo cadaver which has been purchased from ‘sH
tho poorhouse or tbe Potter’s Field, is mads’ to VH
resemble the hnir found on tbe skulls of gonuine ?H
mummies so closely that oven scientists tutre dMaaaaBl
boon deceived. The skin of spurious mommlee -stH-
Is carefully prepared, and In one of the cases. i-K
w hlch was called to the attention of scientist nxsV
at the Smithsonian Institution, It was found ( to -flsxa
consist nf a cotton or linen fibre, Terr flnelr sxfLI
spun, covered with a glutinous material whloh ‘liBwi
much resembles the waxen surface seen tn the aCiS
genuine. In the caso of some genuine mummies asbHb
the skin has dried and shrunk until It covert LsHll
the skeleton like a tight piece of India rubber. ssssB
In tho spurious mummies the various kinds of “iH
desiccation are very accurately Imitated, and aWsaaa
would be apt to deceive the casual observer, er, 4bbbbbbi
Indeed, a very careful student, unless hit sue- tLaaH
plclon was aroused by somo discrepancy aa to BMbB
proportions. il
Prof. W. J. McGee and Prof. Thomas Wilson. tsssssl
the former lhe chief of the Bureau of Ethnol- BMbH
ogy and tho latter the Curator of tbe Depart- saaaaaam
tnent of I’rehl-torlo Anthropology of the famltb- ‘iB
nininn Institution, have frequently been called Vaxextsl
upon to make lilt estimations of mummies whloh VsaaaaH
come Into tho possession of private collector tsBsssfl
or exhibitors, nnd tn several cases the result of lsHII
the intestlgatlon has been the unmasking of a AiaBxtU
very clever fraud. A case of much Interest la -Ssaaaaafl
thnt nf a giant mummy, so called, which was tsaxsaBsi
exhibited in one of the private curio shows at -tssssssss!
the Atlanta Exposition. Prof. McGee, Prof. ‘”sssssssl
Wilson, nnd the late Prof. Oonde, tbe Assistant taxtsssssl
Secretary In charge of the United States Na- eaxisxtsssl
tlonal Museum, were In Atlanta and toot; rxtssssssl
occasion to examine the so-called mummy XrH
with great care. Tbe man who owned sxtsssssl
the exhibit told a very straight, story ‘Issssssfl
in regard to Its purchase, and fully conrlnoed ‘fBxtssssl
the scientists that the mummy was genuine. At sssssssl
first they all believed, after a most carerul ex- ssssssxT
amlnallon of the skin, hair, skull, teeth, and i’H
such of the bones as were In evidence, that tbe JH
object was nil It was represented to be. and In ”axtsssB
this opinion thev were confirmed by the examl- Hbbbbbbbb
nation of Prof. F. E. Lucas of the Smithsonian. tiB
on of the foremost of American comparative -‘-assssssi
anatomists. Prof. Uoode asked the man If he ‘sssssssl
anted to sell It. and the man Anally asked –sssssssl
Si, ‘.’DO for the specimen. While this was a pro- ‘issssssl
hibltory price, the scientists had -no doubt that H
they could tiring down tho man’s figures, and sssssssi
that if everything went well the giant would axtsssl
become the properly of their Institution. ”Jsssssse
All went well until Prof. Lucas. In look Ins II ‘-sssssD
over for the last time, discovered that one of ,HI
the bones was a little greasy. He communU csssssssl
cated this fact to tbe others and tbelr auspl- isxtsssssi
cions were immediately aroused. Prof. McGee, Qsssssfl
In again looking nt the body, noticed a disorep- vH
nncy in tho putting together of the bones. The waaj
dlstnnce from the edge of the pelvis to the -tlxtsssssl
prominent upper end of tbe femur seemed too rflH
great. Pro. Lucas surreptitiously broke off ‘ixtssssB
a bit of the skin and some of tbe hair. $H
nnd bringing them to Washington submit- lassssfl
ted them to a number of chemical and iM
microscopic tests. Tho skin at Ilrst seemed WBajfl
to bo properly composed, but upon examining; ‘nsssssss
the hair it was found to be unquestionably jute.
The tkln was then soaked In warm water and Y?bHbs1
worked to pieces with a needle. It wns found
to t. niiicle of lino fibre, partaking of none of Kssssssl
the qualltlesof desiccated human tlesb. The sale t-‘H
was therefore declared off, and the mummy was bbbb1
art cm ard seized by tho bherlfl for non-pay- -fiasssssi
meat of dnes and rents. ‘rssssn
Prof, Mrtirn saw In one of the side shows at H
Chicago or Atlanta tho mnmmy of a child, tbe VHsTsTII
skull of which had been split ODeU with a blow TfH
of n stone tomahawk, which wns still sticking; sassl
In I he wound. The child lay in a cradle or cor- -tssssfl
fin hollowed out of a tree The fact of the torn- -ftH
nhnwk still sticking In thn head, more than any- Jsssssl
I thing else, aroused Prof, .McUee’s suspicions. .rJassssfl
and on further examination the body was found $JBxtsss!
to bo nn entire rake. Or course, many of these CH
curios nro less carefully manufactured, and tsssssl
would not deceive tho scientific eye, although 4wsssi
I they would pass ns genuine ninety-nine time ‘Assssssi
I out nf a hundred with casual observers. ‘Ubsssssi
, About three tears ago the alleged body of a .KAsssssP
? drilled woman wns exhibited In a store on iBxtssi
‘ennsrlvnnlit ntenur. ‘lhe man who owned It tyB
said thnt Its genuineness had been questioned, i’mxtH
nnd lie invited a numlier of scientists, about it?sxssM
twentftlvoor thirty. Income to his exhibition ”Jsssssl
room and make a thorough Investigation of the ixtssssl
subject. Three sides of tho man’s exhibition ?H
hall were plastered with letters from physicians. fVsssl
scientific men, nnd others attesting their belief – ftxssss!
In tho genuineness ot the pctrlllrd woman. vassssl
“Mrs htone,” ns the scientists Jocularly called ‘9l
her. Tho supposed body lay on its back and -IvsbI
tt as composed of some material, the texture of kJrJxsssl
which slrnngly rosembled skin. The hair re- Ylssss!
niaiued Intact. Imbedded in the hard material. JH
I’l’on turning tho object over It waa assssi
found that Hie resemblam u to human skin ‘sssssi
ccii-ed. A core drill was put Into th lM
t’lilf nf tho right log nud shuwod Port- iosssssi
land cement ami “.mil. Another bore put to ucxsxtssl
work disclosed nn ordinary lead ens pipe, whloh ‘sasssB
made up nil the skeleton the body possessed. ‘QVJssl
In the iiiiiiuimctiiin of this, mid, It Is supposed, ‘”SBl
of otherohjicts or n slinilnr character, a cadaver ‘aassi
Is tnki n and n mould made. After the mould ”asssl
has hieu taken tm skin and flesh nro removed. tIsbssss!
‘1 1i teeth, ha’i, and sk)ii are petnlled arttfl. HJssssl
chilly, Ii wns dlsi-ovorrd afterward that a Yiasssl
family or roue or live pursuits living near San iJxl
I’mnd-i i hud been innklng n very good llvlnr ‘ystsssl
by itirniiiw’out pelrllled tieople for sale. A man – l(sssB
nnd n unman i-erted as thn models for the pstrl V.bssb
fled hodies, nud the inmiiifaeturors could thut ,’xssssl
cater to Hie public tnstn according to the pop a- ‘tssssB
larlty of mule and temiilo petrifactions. WaWa
Ham Archer’ Family tVnsl. In tbe Tree -‘ijssssl
ol J’uo Hunters nud Their Ouune, 1u
Amiiiikt. Me.. Dec. 4. – If a email bnll moose jbbbbI
that two hunters droto through here last week WS
will return n suit of underclothing, a sheet, a iIbbbb!
gray flannel shirt, and it pair of pillow slips -xtBss!
which he took from the ard of Bam Archer ttesBsi
the moose will bo nllnwed to go free and Archer cbbbbI
ngrtrs to nsk no questions. It was during the H
‘thanksgiving snow storm that two Massa- dx8
chuselts hunters who were cumplng near Lake r’B
Nlcatnits stnrted n moose at the upper end of !ssl
t tirmt Pond. I.ookingiit tlieanlmnl throughbnlf fvfl
1 ii inilu of railing sniiw, they raw It was a moos sH minimi of Its species that has been i’IbbbI
seen hero tills season and they started to run bbbI
him down, I or a clay and a night they followed 1iaH
him through townships nil and -10, and on Frl. i’H
duy morning thej turned In, knowing that their .IbH
gaum uas nun) on a long trump oter the hills itttWj
of Aurora. Itesiiiiiing tho chnso soon after noon, v3bbb1
the) f’dlnuid tin milmiil from Aurora tn Am r2H
horsl, ntnl from hero down to the Clifton line. bbbb!
Down bi the pond nud dlrecllt lu the moose’s dsBsi
runway wns Archer’s house, nnd beyond the jM
house, mi a ctilnr dotted hill, wns aline filled 3bbbi
witli in ttly unshed clothing, which the women JaH
had hung ut to dry. The moose crossed the swj
I rnnil ten rods from the Iiiiuko, making a orosn. –
I lot for lhe i tdar thicket. In doing so the V!H
niiitiint s miller cmiio in contact with a ‘aj
cell n nf clothes line, which It took ‘IsbI
I along to tho woods, together with a aVJ
portion or tun family wash, The moose 3HS
went ot of sight In the thicket, bearing tho 1H
tt lute c lothes nlofl mi his antlers like banners, ”
nud – i e then no person has seen thu moos or t’lm
i tin n ii ments. lhe. hunters nre angry at Archer vrm
for putting tho washing nut to scare Iho moote, (K’l
i nnd Archer naturally Is sad oter the loss or his jjU
drygouds. Noouo has been able to Ittrn host .’!
the wooio feilt. StM

The sun., December 06, 1896, 2, Page 9, Image 21

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