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Geary County – Of Unusual Size


Find the Skeletons of Puzzles Junction City Farmer.

Who Built Mound in Field of Geary County Man!


Bones Surrounded by Surface Rocks, Giants Remains

Skulls Found Unlike Those of American Indian. 

Junction City, Kan., Nov. 4th. – An ethnologic mystery has been uncovered on the farm of John Noland, several miles northwest of this city. In the center of Mr. Noland’s wheatfield was a mound which he decided to level, and while doing so uncovered several human skulls and a large number of bones and teeth. One of the skulls and one of the thigh bones, apparently from the same person, were of unusual size, indicating that the person in life was of gigantic stature. The big skull is pierced through the back with several small, round holes, apparently such holes as would be made by small shot from a shotgun. Kansas, Geary County, Nov 4th, 1911.

The discovery of the giant skeleton and the shotgun in Geary County, Kansas, is a fascinating and intriguing find, with implications that could rewrite the history of early America. The fact that the skull is pierced by small round holes, such as those that could be made by a shotgun, is truly remarkable, considering that shotguns were not invented until the 17th century, while this find dates back to the pre-Columbian era.

The discovery of such an artifact could have significant implications for the understanding of early American technology and weaponry. It could suggest that the mound builders, who are believed to have lived between 500 BCE and 1200 CE, had access to advanced technology and weapons that were not previously attributed to them.

If the shotgun artifact had not been lost or found in museum storage, it could have revolutionized our understanding of early American history. It could have challenged the conventional view that the early Americans were a primitive and technologically backward civilization. Instead, it would have shown that they were an advanced society with a sophisticated knowledge of metallurgy and weapon manufacturing.

In conclusion, the discovery of the giant skeleton and the shotgun in Geary County is a significant find that raises many questions and challenges conventional views of early American civilization. It underscores the need for further archaeological research and exploration to uncover the secrets of the past and broaden our understanding of the human story.

  1. Kansas, Geary County, Nov 4th, 1911. 

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