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Fully Eight Feet Oacoma


Relics of Pre-Historic Times
Found in Gravel Pit on
Sioux Reservation

Mitchell, S. D., July 20. Some
strange finds have been discovered
in a gravel pit east of Oacoma, out
on the Sioux reservation. Since the
pits have been opened nearly 50
skeletons have been found up to the
present time. Most of the skeletons have been found buried from
four to eight feet deep, and all in
either a sitting or a standing j>os
ture. Most of these people seemed
to be rather small in stature, much
below the heighth of the ordinary
North American Indian. A few’
days ago, while digging in the pit,
a skeleton of a man fully eight feet
in heighth was discovered, in the im
mediate vicinity of the burial place
were found implements of copper
anil bone, and in each of the graves
was found a copper idol about eight
inches in length. The gravel beds
are dry, and when the bones are ex
posed to the air they at once crum
ble to dust.

The Miller press. [volume], July 25, 1907, Image 1​

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