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Franklin County – Prehistoric Giant 8′ Tall

Indians in making their spear and arrowheads. In several places, also, urns or vases of different kinds have been discovered. Vessels made of steatite or soapstone, and suited to be used over a fire, as a pot or kettle, are frequently met with. Those I have been disposed to regard, on account of their superior finish, as the workmanship of the more ancient inhabitants of the country.

An old citizen informed me that about forty years ago, while he and two of his neighbors were at work extracting or repairing a road near what is called the Rolling Bank in Swanton, they found a human skeleton of gigantic size. It was uncovered by the scraper with which they were removing the soil. The skull was of such dimensions that one of the men, although himself of large proportions, readily placed his head within its cavity. The bones, or a portion of them, were examined by a physician, and, according to his estimate, were such as to indicate that the individual to whom they belonged must have been from seven and a half to eight feet in height. These, perhaps, were likewise the remains of one of those ancient people who once inhabited the region, and of whom it may be fitly said, “there were giants in the land in those days.”

  1. Vermont, Franklin County, Human skeleton of Gigantic size, 7 1/2 to 8 feet tall. 1870

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