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Forest County – Giant In the Oil Regions

Alleged Discovery of the Skeleton of a
Great Giant in the Oil Regions.

—On Tues
day morning last, while William Thompson,
assisted by Robert R. Smith, was engaged in
making an excavation near the house of the
former, about half a mile north of West Hick
ory, preparatory to erecting a derrick, they
exhumed an enormous helmet of iron, which
was corroded with rust. Further digging
brought to light a sword, which measured
nine feet in length. Curiosity incited them
to enlarge the hole, and after some little time
discovered the bones of two enormous feet.
Following up th.e “.lead” they bad so unex
pectedly struck, in a few hours’ tinethey had
unearthed a well preserved skeleton of an
enormous giant, belonging to a species of the
human family which probably inhabited this
and other parts of the world at that time of
which the Bible speaks, whenitsays. “And
there were giants in these days.” The hel
met is said to he ot the shape of those found
among the ruins of Aineveh. The hones of
the skeleton are remarkably white. The teeth
are ail in their places, and all of them are
double, and of extraordinary size. These
relics have been taken toTionesta, where they
are visited by large numbers of people daily.
When his giantship was in the flesh, he must
have stood 18 feet in hisstockings. These re-:
markable relics will be forwarded to New
York early next week. The joints of the
skeleton are now being glued together.
These remains were found about I*2 feet be
low the surface of a mound which had been
thrown up probably centuries ago, and which
was not more than three feet above the level
of the ground around it. Here is another
nut for antiquarians to crack.— Oil City [Pa.)

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