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Fayette County – Skeleton Measured 12 Feet

Unearth Skeletons of Prehistoric Giants.

Evidences of a prehistoric race have been uncovered by Hugh Yates, a prosperous landowner of Pine Grove, on his farm in Fayette County. While excavating beneath a high cliff on his property, Mr. Yates came upon an immense grave containing a human skeleton. The frame was of great proportions. His curiosity aroused, Mr. Yates called in some neighbors, and armed with picks, they burrowed their way into the side of the cliff and found an ancient sepulcher crowded with human skeletons, some of them larger than the one first found. One of the frames measured 12 feet.

Along with the skeletons, curiously wrought jewels and strange ornaments were found, while cooking vessels and musical instruments of queer design were unearthed in great profusion. The diggers are still at work and expect to make even more important finds.

The Richmond Climax, December 06, 1911, Image 6.”

The discovery of the prehistoric human skeletons of great proportions is a potential game-changer in our understanding of human history. The presence of these giant skeletons and the unique artifacts found alongside them suggest an advanced and sophisticated civilization that existed long before our recorded history. This find could challenge our current understanding of human evolution and prompt a re-evaluation of the origins of human civilization. It is an exciting discovery that holds immense implications for our understanding of our past and our future as a species.

  1. The Richmond climax., December 06, 1911, Image 6

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