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Fayette County – “Measured” 12 Feet


Evidence of prehistoric race have been uncovered by Hugh Yates, prosperous owner of Pine Grove, on his farm in Fayette county. While excavating beneath a cliff on his place, Mr. Yates came upon an immense grave containing a human skeleton. The frame was of great proportions. Curiosity aroused, Mr. Yates called in some neighbors, and armed with picks, they burrowed their way into the side of the cliff around an ancient sepulcher crowded with human skeletons, some of larger than the one that was found. One of the frames measured 7 feet. Along with the skeletons were found curiously wrought jewels and strange ornaments, cooking vessels, and musical instruments of queer design were unearthed in great quantities. The diggers are still at work and expect to find even more important finds.

The discovery of prehistoric giant skeletons in Fayette County by Hugh Yates is a significant find that sheds light on the existence of larger-than-life beings in our ancient past. The thoroughness of measurements and first-hand eyewitness accounts provided by professionals during the excavation of the site ensures the accuracy of the findings. The frequency of above-average height in these unearthed human skeletons challenges our preconceived notions of what is possible and leads to intriguing questions about the history of humanity.

The presence of curiously wrought jewels, strange ornaments, cooking vessels, and musical instruments of queer design alongside the skeletons is a testament to the artistic and cultural achievements of these prehistoric giants. It also points to the possibility of the existence of a sophisticated and advanced civilization that was previously unknown.

As we continue to uncover more about the prehistoric past, it is important to keep an open mind and explore all possibilities. The discovery of prehistoric giants has the potential to rewrite the history books and offers a glimpse into a world vastly different from our own. As researchers and archaeologists delve deeper into these findings, we can expect to learn more about the mysteries of our past and the fascinating beings who once inhabited the earth.

  1. Kentucky, Fayette County, Pine Grove, 1922.

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