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Fayette County – Eight Foot Giant

The skeleton of a prehistoric giant eight feet in height was unearthed near Lexington, Ky. It lay in an arched stone vault.

The skeleton of an Indian giant eight feet high has been found in Fayette county.

It can not be underestimated how one 8 foot skeleton would change how we thought about ancient history. Eight Foot skeletons are mentioned thousands of times in ancient newspapers and county histories, geological surveys and various other historical texts including Smithsonian annuals and Museum inventories. Currently there are no natural eight foot humans aside from the three whose tumors affected their pituitary glands releasing an unhealthy amount of growth hormone. From all accounts the only conclusion that a visual scientist could come to is that mankind is shrinking. Its best to not dismiss these accounts, it would seem the the ancient world is far different than it is today. Keep an open mind until you have all the data before your preconceived notions blocks from what might be the only truth. 

  1. Kentucky, Fayette County, Lexington, 1891.


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