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Fauquier, Two Giant Skeletons



We are informed that in making recent excavations in the upper part of Fauquier county Va. very curious relics have been found in a mound, which proved to be, what have longe been supposed, an Indian burial place-two skeletons; which evidently showed there were giants in those days, with spear-heads and paraphernalia found in Indian graves’ The great subject of interest shown is a tablet containing heiroglyphs of a very curious character. Fauquier Fauquier Fauquier

Fauquier_CountyW. Norris, of that county, a gentleman who has traveled very extensively in the east (and who was with Glidden in his celebrated journey across the desert,) is of the opinion that this discovery will prove the identity of the Indian tribes with some of the Asianic tribes, and settle the question so long mooted as to their origin. We are further informed that Mr. Norris will now proceed to Washington city with this tablet, for the purpose of showing it to Professor Henri and other Savans. The result is looked forward to with no little interest.

Fauquier, Two Giant Skeletons

Research done by Rephaim23

It is unfortunate that the article doesn’t give a size of the skeletons. Just that the skeletons were “giants” with Asian features. The Biblical quote “there were giants in those days” is a quote from Genesis 6: 4, in reference to the Biblical Nephilim. Giants that were the offspring of Angels and human women. There is another interpretation of what these giants might be, which is Greater-Ancestors. Greater Ancestors are humans that achieved a higher maturity in the past, as did all animals. Keep both options open as long as the question remains.

~Chris L Lesley