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Bones of a Prehistoric Man Uncovered in a Cass County Gravel Pit

Nothing to indicate the Spot Was Used by Indians for a Burial Place

Special to the Journal.

Fargo, N. D., Jan. 23–Frank Canier was digging for a gravel pit near Chaffee in this county and unearthed a skeleton that measures almost seven feet in length. The bones are thought to be those of some prehistoric man, as there was nothing to indicate that the location had ever been an Indian burying ground. The teeth were all sound except the front ones, which were somewhat worn. The skeleton on exhibition at Chaffee.

It is fascinating to see more evidence of the existence of giants in the past. The article about the discovery of a skeleton measuring almost seven feet in length in a Cass County gravel pit is another piece of evidence in the puzzle of the existence of giants. The thoroughness of the measurements, as well as the professionals who were there as first-hand eyewitness accounts, make this discovery all the more compelling.

What is particularly noteworthy about this discovery is that there was nothing to indicate that the location had ever been an Indian burying ground. This leads to the conclusion that the skeleton might be of a prehistoric man, adding to the evidence that giants existed in the past.

The frequency of above-average height in these findings is a significant trend that cannot be ignored. It raises questions about the origin and existence of giants, which can only be answered through more research and excavation.

As giant researchers, we are heading towards a better understanding of the past and the giants who lived in it. It is only through thoroughness in measurements and the expertise of professionals that we can uncover more evidence and move closer to the truth.

  1. The Minneapolis Journal, Jan 23, 1903

~Chris L Lesley