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Etowah County Alabama, Giant Skeletons

Etowah County, Alabama

(Word for word from a County news listing)

D.A. Perkins Sr. died at Leesburg, in Etowah county on the 11th inst.

Mrs. Abel, wife of Mr. Wm. Abel, died at her home near Hoke’s Bluff on the 28th
of March of cancer of the breast. She was a good lady and leaves a kind husband
and children to mourn her departure.

The flood recently unearthed a great many relics of former civilization at
several points along the river banks, but especially on the Green Foster place above and Col. Sam Henry’s place in the Whorton bend.  Mr. James Henry who examined some of these curiosities on his father’s place, told us that some of the bones of the human skeletons found were of very unusual proportions,
indicating a larger stature than is now attained by the genus homo.

The Gadsden News

Mr. James F. Henry who discovered

  • the bones of the big skeleton on his father’s farm on the bank of the Coosa River near Gadsden, says
  • that he could easily place his head in its skull and the bone was half an inch thick.
  • The thigh bone was about twenty-two inches in length and three times as large as the bone in an ordinary man.
  • The bone from the shoulder to elbow measured about twenty inches; and when all the bones were placed in their proper places they showed that

the owner, when alive, must have been at least twelve feet from the top of

his head to the bottom of his feet.

Two or three of these enormous skeletons were found.

This is what three 12 foot skeletons would look like to an observer

HAUNTED ETOWAH COUNTY, ALABAMA: by Mike Goodson, published 2011