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Elongated Skull, Germany

Elongated Skull, Germany

At a museum display in Tuchersfeld, Germany the inscription with the skull states that about 20 of these male and female skulls were found in the Franconia-Suisse area of Bavaria, Germany.


My personal take is that i have a devolutionary view of these skulls and it is a path of neotony. Neotony has to do with maturity, the most mature race on the planet today is the aborigine, the neanderthal is next, these are people that lived to be about 200 years in age the the elongated skull types, This is post flood the bodies reduced in sze but the heads did not, this was a brief time period immediately after the flood when people lived to be 400 years old, This contiues a path from the work of another devolutionist, Jack Cuozzo.

~Chris L Lesley