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Egyptian Electrical Conduit recently found

During the reports of the this new area first time seen in thousands of years was there no mention of the evidence of flexible conduit curling out of the top of the USO near the center and traveling along the ceiling mentioned. The patchwork of video captured and stitched together images reveals a wealth of information. The helical wraps of more flexible conduit can be seen lying on the floor near the bottom of the image just left of the red painted line –

The metallic appearance of this object and the helical turns of the metal has the same appearance as a length of flexible conduit that has been pulled apart while being disassembled would have. There are indication of more lengths of this material on the floor that are not as distinct as this one.

Also just above and to the right of the red line is what appears to be an opening in the floor with anomalous objects nearby and one of them seeming to disappear into the opening. If it is proven that this is indeed a rectangular hole in the floor, is this the chemical supply shaft, will it be found elsewhere?

An example of flexible conduit used for industrial wiring applications.

Hopefully new images of the electrical conduits will come to light. More and more we get a picture of the electrical sophistication of the ancients. A conduit in Egypt, a battery in Baghdad, and gold wiring in Leningrad. All these pieces we can be assured if conduits were found in Egypt then all other sophisticated civilizations had them too. ~Chris L Lesley