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Easter Island, Giant skulls

Very Large elongated skulls from Easter Island, hopefully more details about these skulls will come to light in the future. These are above average size skulls, Easter Island does have a history of giants.

~Chris L Lesley
The earliest date of human occupation of Easter Island was established at 386 A.D. (plus or minus 100 years) by archaeologists in Heyerdahl’s expedition who used carbon dating of charcoal found at cooking sites.  The oral history describes the “long ears” as the early period’s population and the builders of the monuments.  The “short ears” came to the island later and apparently worked for the “long ears” as helpers.  A deadly feud occurred and the “short-ears” reversed a trap set for them and murdered the “long-ears” at Hotu-iti

Interestingly the legend of the short ears and long ears tells that the long ears dug a ditch and filled it with brush to lead the short ears into it and burn them. A long-ear married to a short-ear betrayed her kind and she betrayed his kind, getting the short ears to come up behind them and chase the long-ears into the burning ditch and two escaped to a cave where one was killed and one remained alive. (Burning of  giants – found in the Paiutes legend in Nevada and the Aborigines story in Australia). Interestingly, repeatedly natives of the Americas tell of these white-skinned, red-haired giants being cannibals and also taking them in and making them slaves until they were able to outsmart and kill them.

There is no doubt that these stories from all over the world that repeat the same theme are playing out a scenario told by ancestors of legendary battles or even wishes and hopes that their people outsmarted and rose up against the giants.

Was Easter Island first inhabited by the ancient giants? Were the Rapa Nui credited for feats that were not of their own doing? Considering the highly controversial study of the island and how it fell, we should take another look at the island with a fresh eye – one that looks at the facts – sea-faring giants present in the South Pacific who were cannibals, powerful, and looked like the statues on the island.

The Long Ears of Easter Island by William L. Ernst
From Thor Heyerdahl’s book “Aku-Aku”