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Dysarth Louth 3 10′ Giants

LONDON, April 5. Dysarth

While men were digging foundations for labourers’ cottages at Dysart, Louth, they unearthed three human skeletons in separate graves encaved with stones. One skull is entire, and measures, 18 inches from the crown to the chine. The leg bones are abnormally large. The remains are those of a person 10 feet high, who is presumed to have lived in a prehistoric age. Dysarth

Giant 10 feet Ireland Ashburton Guardian4 April 1914, Page 5 Dysarth

Dysarth Louth 3 10′ Giants

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ireland dysarth louth1Find Huge Irish Skeleton

The Spokesman-Review

ireland dysarth louth2 Skeleton of Man 10 Feet in Height Found in Ireland

1914.04.03 – The Evening Record


Skeleton of Prehistoric Irish Giant

Feilding Star, Volume XI, Issue 2363, 16 May 1914, Page 4

 ireland dysarth louth3

There is a certain pattern that the skeptics follow.

1) 7 footers are dismissed because there are 7 foot individuals today, however the overwhelming number of seven footers exceeds the population.

2) 8 footers are diagnosed as acromegaly without a pituitary tumor.

3) 9 footers are a case of mistaken identity, exaggerations by incompetent observers.

4) 10 – 12 are fabrications or mammoth bones.

5) The World’s News, 1914. (Man who stood Ten Feet High. SKELETON OF A PREHISTORIC IRISH GIANT)

In spite of the lack of any evidence for these bias claims the Giant deniers continue to wish for 3 foot apemen and deny any reality that might contradict an pantheistic/evolutionary storytelling.

~Chris L Lesley