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Djed Pillar, an electrical device with insulators

Djed Pillar
The Djed pillar is the strangest of Egyptian symbols and most closely resembles an electrical device with insulators. It is often represented with people wearing what appear to be space suits or insulating clothes. The cathode-ray tube or “Crookes’ tube” like object depicted in scenes from the temple of Hathor at Dendera may depict a relativistic source of these heavy electrons – which could drastically expedite the magical processes which involve these particular tubes.In his book The Eyes of the Sphinx, Erich Von Daniken writes that the relief is found in “a secret crypt” that “can be accessed only through a small opening. The room has a low ceiling. The air is stale and laced with the smell of dried urine from the guards who occasionally use it as a urinal.” The room is not so secret, however, as many tourists visit and photograph the room every year. Von Daniken sees the snake as a filament, the djed pillar as an insulator, and claims “the monkey with the sharpened knives symbolizes the danger that awaits those who do not understand the device.” This “device” is, the reader is assured, an ancient electric light bulb.My theory is that the Djed pillar were two electric conductors that were brung to the egyptians from beings who were called the ‘ Zep Tepi ‘ beings who rode in fiery boats. These beings could have been beings who sat on throwns in Atlantis 400,000 years ago. These two Djed objects infact look simlar to conductors we see on a light post that holds power lines. Did the egyptians have electricty sum 3,000 BCE.
posted on Monday, February 25, 2008