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Dendera Light Bulbs

Evidence of ancient lighting in Egypt

Depictions of small HHO plasma bulbs in the Egyptian stone reliefs at Dendera have been recognized, with the same snake symbolism denoting the HHO plasma filament (below). Small modern recreations of the Dendera lightbulb have been built for demonstration at various exhibitions of ancient technology:

The ancient Egyptians had advanced science and hi-technology , here you see bulbs for lighting and the snake symbol for power. The past of Egypt is full of mechanical and technological wonders that is obvious to any observer. Free-thinking does not allow the possibility for a single interpretation when it comes to an artists intent. Archaeology does not have these answers design theory does. You need an artist to understand an artist, a person studies in design is the final word on heiroglyphs, petroglyphs, and symbols. So often the final word is given based of pressupositional bias and quick-calls are madeĀ  by peer pressure. The idea that these detailed, well illustrated diagrams are from men and women of similar creativity and knowledge, and the skepticism is an excuse to tie our arrogance through the use of the word primitive.

Chris L Lesley GAWM