A host of treasures were retrieved from the sea in Israel.


Notice what the article says about other nearby objects from the same cache. “The metal artifacts, some of which are more than 3,500 years old, were found over a period of years by the late Marcel Mazliah, a worker at the Hadera power plant in northern Israel.”

“Mazliah’s family recently presented the treasures to the Israel Antiquities Authority. Experts, who were surprised by the haul, think that the objects probably fell overboard from a medieval metal merchant’s ship.”

We can see that the objects went down on the same ship, they are from the same time period, and again similar artifacts have been found in the 6th century, now they have been found amongst objects 3500 years ago putting these hand grenades as early as 1500 BC.

Haaretz reports that early grenades were often used to disperse burning flammable liquid.

The oldest items found in the sea by Mazliah are a toggle pin and the head of a knife from the Middle Bronze, which date back more than 3,500 years. Ayala Lester, a curator at the Israel Antiquities Authority, explained that other items, such as two mortars, two pestles and candlestick fragments, date to the 11th-century Fatimid period.  “The finds are evidence of the metal trade that was conducted during this period.”

Experts in Israel regularly unearth fascinating sites and artifacts.

By James Rogers FoxNews.com

(Photographic credit: Amir Gorzalczany, Israel Antiquities Authority)

(Photographic credit: Diego Barkan, Israel Antiquities Authority).