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Crimea – Unbelievable Giant Race

enormous Enoia lims lihs ruins sinns A correspondent of tle the th boston traveller nt fit barat describes shome immense tumuli formed ia in tile the Cri crl crimea rnea 1 I he most striking features about kerich kert Kerf cil cli which occupies as we have observed almast tha iha very site of or tins famous ad od city aro are the immense tumuli or artificial mounds som Lt like ilke those found in our own great west designed for and monument monuments Cs of the he dead they are fitted for endless duration as well BS as to excite admiration mira mi ration tion tiou their th lir size bize and magnificence awaken abaz amaza ment nt for or tile hie wealth and power of the people who wha erected them it is a tradition believed by tha iha people in in this part of the crim crimea 1 ea tint that these tumuli erected over the remains of the ho kings and rulers of this tins greek colony tind and were de designed rig ilg signed tig nea ned to perpetuate their memory it is also related that the earth was heaped upon them annually on their birthday for a il period of years as long as they ruled or reigned these layers have been distinctly traced recently as a coating of seawall sea eel walt wall or charcoal was vv as first laid on dr buil ARIl ierson boi aoi an english officer counted thirty of these lavers layers in a scarp made mad in ohe one ono of the mounds two thirds of the tha way from the tiie base the tumuli are of all al dimensions varying varv nig hig from ten to three hundred feet in in circum circumference and from five fiva to one hundred and fifty feet in hight bight usually they are composed of surface eunace soi soil sol and rubble masonry nus onry specimens of the tie tle highest grecian art have been found in these such as ficula tures lures metals alabaster etruscan E vases glass vessels remarkable for lightness carved ivory coins of the most perfect finish and trinkets vie vie nig hig with tiie tho skill of the best modern workmen dr mcpherson having descended anany feet under ground in in exploring one of these t tumuli umu 11 came camo upon a bed of ashes the bones of a hors horae a human skeleton arld and others remains were vere met me with and oil on removing the masonry mason rv cibu and bronze bronze coins were picked up in niches between the stoff a this one tumulus was so larae larzo that thet dr mcpherson devoted two whole months to explore it but the most astonishing monn bents of early wealth and power are found on mons alous the tha whole of which hii hit from its base to its summit and aud the spur extending from it fo the drs dis d b tance of three miles mils are composed of broken pottery and debris of every kind to the depth of from ten to evall evan a hundred feet over the tha natural clay hill lull the hight light and size of this work of tile the Ml esian colonies are such that it can hardly be believed to be the tha result of human labor but must bo be tila tile work of a giant race long since extinct at any rate aes ages must have been required to conie conce convey al the goil soil f from born tilo tile plains below to raise raisa it I 1 and the adjacent hights to their present elevation oil on the tile top of this tins hill is 13 a monument inducing awe as well as s wonder worder a rude chair cut out of the citar rock and a hollow resembling a sacrificial eltar altar thus men in in e every very oge age add an unknown god and testify to a consciousness of sin arid and the tre felt relt necessity of an atonement one of the tha doctors explorations was so fruitful in in results as to deserve particular ir narration bent bene beneath ath an extensive sloping tumulus ho be came upon a mass of table masonry ma onry beyond which was a door leading to an arched chamber which was larger still arid and whose walls were ware ma rk ed off in squares with here and tere there birds flowers fl and grotesque figures of various kinds oyer over the tile entrance entrance of the chamber were painted two figures of griffins grif ilas lias rampant while two horsemen one a mail man la iti irl authority and another his attendant carrying ins ills spear were rudely sketched on one of the tha walls wails vv ills tho tile 6 skeleton of a horse was wis also aiso found ilar idar to winch which was lying a human skeleton co continuing his exploration he lie struck upon a 1 tomb cut out of the tha solid rock close by which ha he came upon the tiie skeleton sli sll eleton of a horse in another tomb the floor was war covered with beau beautiful ti ra I 1 pebbles and sli sil ells eils such as are are now found round on the hores shores of the sea of azof the dust of the human form retaining yet vet the form of mail man lay oil on the tile floor tha bones had crumbled into dust and the in mode ode in which the garments enveloped the body and the knots and fastenings with which the they were bound were easily tra trace abie able bla ble bie in tile the du dast F ti t I several bodies were discovered at tile tho head of thinly was a glass bottle and in one of the bottles was nas found a small nall s quantity of wine A cup and a lachrymatory atory of the same material ma tenal lenal and alo eliso aio a lamp as was common in the tha eist were placed in in a amill am ill lii niche above each bod bed body A coin con and a few enameled beads were placed in the tle loft liand hand and in n the toe right a number of vai walnuts other oilier tombs were explored and end various obi objects of interest found

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