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Measuring Eight Feet From Head to Foot.

“Mr Brisbois, who has been for a long time a resident of Prarie du Chien, informed me that he saw the skeletons of eight persons, that were found, in digging a cellar near his house, lying side by side. They were of a gigantic size, measuring about eight feet from head to foot. He added that he took a leg bone of one of them and placed it by the side of his own leg, in order to compare the length of the two; the bone of the skeleton extended six inches above the knee. None of the bones could be preserved as they crumbled to dust soon after they were exposed to the atmosphere.

We saw a number of Indian graves on the prarie,  but as they were modern they offered nothing peculiar. They resemble the graves of white men, but the sod over them is covered with boards or bark, secured to stakes driven into the ground, so as to form a sort of roof over the grave; at the head, poles were erected for the purpose of supporting flags;  a few tatters of one of these still waved over the grave. An upright post was also fixed near the head, and upon this the deeds of the deceased, whether in the way of hunting or fighting, were inscribed with red or black paint. The graves were placed upon mounds in the prarie, this situation having doubtless been selected as being the highest and least likely to be overflowed.  –

It’s fascinating to come across historical accounts of giant skeletons being discovered all over the world. However, what’s even more interesting is the apparent cover-up that followed these discoveries, especially in the case of the giant skeletons found in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin.

According to an article published in the Crawford County newspaper in 1881, a resident of Prairie du Chien named Mr. Brisbois witnessed the discovery of eight giant skeletons, measuring about eight feet in height, while a cellar was being dug near his house. The bones were too fragile to be preserved, but Brisbois compared the length of one of the leg bones to his own and found that it extended six inches above the knee. This suggests that the giants were not only tall but also had a large bone structure.

The article also describes the graves of modern-day Native Americans found in the prairie, which were covered with boards or bark and poles erected at the head to support flags. An upright post was also fixed near the head, and deeds of the deceased were inscribed with red or black paint. The graves were placed upon mounds in the prairie, likely selected for their high elevation and protection from flooding.

It’s intriguing to note that despite such discoveries, there seems to be a consistent cover-up and suppression of such findings by the mainstream media and academia. One can only speculate as to the reasons behind this, but it certainly raises questions about what else may have been hidden or erased from history.

As a researcher, I believe it’s essential to investigate such findings and bring them to light. We can learn much from the study of ancient bones and artifacts and the knowledge of our ancestors. Let’s keep an open mind and continue to explore the mysteries of our past.

  1. Wisconisin, Prarie du Chei, Crawford County

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