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“Colorado Mummy” examined by skeptics

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MUMMY STUDY AT THE FAIR “Colorado Mummy” examined by skeptics
An Ex-Salt Laker Airs His Impressions of The Sights Below
“How Calm, How Self Possessed! Is – ah – Is he Dead!” This is the first line of thought that comes Into ones mind on seeing the crush about the mummy “preserves” In the glass cases of the Colorado collection In the Anthropological building- These  mummies,  studies apparently in brown putty and withered leaves, have a marvelous power in attracting people, especially women.  And the uglier, more repulsive these post-mortem survineers are, the larger, more continuous the crowd of women clustering about those cases as though they could never see enough. It is as though the uncanny looking things were a beauty and a joy forever.
note rcncs 01 tIme preuectsior 01 tIle
Alice wet dug out ind Kraped UI
from time fir ejanU In the CIIM tller
country In aoulhcrn Colorado Utah end
lImo ore In 1I1poiltlom and no iwaliiontat
oIl hot principally bunched < though
having died of crumps that tangled them
up like a coiktcrcw This tup oIUon
IIs utlalned In tIne facial eprcwlon
which SUITKCSU ailvlhlMR lout tumplnc
enc and rnlxnatlon Our dereaied
frIends long ago loch thur nhiouiln If
they roof hail such rlothlnir or any
clothing at oil living or dead and
modesty rontliiues as In life RI a lirge
nnd health diKoiint OnceInn while
figure U teen partially concealed In a
feather bUnkit that lIo n den suit
mule ol hawk and mulll leathern lint
this desperate iflmt at concealment ol
natural beauty Hoen not eem tn have ben calchlnK ind perh p It is jiui as
well ueii more of these Menr old
Ithingswrinned up lIner uould have
been n ribelllnn among the w omen vIa
lIsts at the Worlds Felt Columbian
Fxpwitlon Some of the late lamented
nun hosme hail prtlly decent heads of
hair Judging from tlili poslmorlem exhibli
iJ and one dude In particular has lila
or her or Its Ireues skewed up ullh
Ineaohuped beaili In a really allracllte-
Myle Hlla of lottery and other articles
ol eriu oniMny llic more or less
segregatedIIIrenmlns having been buried
wiih them for the use of Ihe soul on ilsTreIMlutnmfurmommiIehse
IhhOaYppybe haullntirnigghgt riinnmChUi- i
cago as anpelltcni and bonanian fur Ihe
Worlds loin oWl the time mnscumvi
eas f semi veneration of the mor
bully cuilvut bul down in lbs IMranito-
Silverton country they bite ctmrd 10
be oven an attraction In Ihe loge beer
ialo ms And whatIs moro the irreverent
Colorado ranchman with no respect
fur hoary while whiskered tinli uilyunhid
enueuoyflauh lor jlurl ouul this
kind ofI fuel burns like Under If not
lnike hunI
Dm there Is another bone orchard
01 later dole in Ihe Peruvian section
Thli I neamoenmra horrible than Ihe pre
AntIr pre historic pwRaphaellle out
in the Colorado exhibit A company
ol Irresponsible ethnologists stud over
rnlbllolallo ao into boon down on
lIme west coast oh Peru resurrecting not
merely Individual bodka but whole
graveyards Ann they nae mode an
much loss ever the performance as a
boy duet his virgin lpair of punts In
fart these enthusiasts In cadaver stud
hivc transplanted Imlirr two ancient
1eruvian renitterM lo tills country and
plaiiud lIme uhnterarrlon crow smelling
builnesa In tIme bVulnia lair The
corpses lound duo tip in sacking
of jute or some uprMrenilr imucilshable
material in neatly ni pmkagesol prlie
tan ip butlhciiu leirncil Uxly snatcnem-
In the hiicresl ol rccnccliuve denuded
part uf Iheuulflt Ito show vlsiiors
how the tume wai worked nnd these
horrid rnnaliu an mom k up there In limo
reproduced a rnt inlstn ill poiliioniol
ulmarreaalnrumllcu uf thI n hum in firm
divine lu IlidriliocoUle colored Unit
Imcss Some of tIme bwlles art quite
= well preserved others are fragmentary
tiki llm fog end of ttunv good rejolu
then loll all hove Hut well lone on both sides appearance that dishing
uishes the genus man species mummy
like their Colorado Utah brethren
the IeruUim Indians left n will am
veiled assorlmenl of crockery rOt tin
soul tn lake poslmortem life eiiy on
antI the same lias been scillcred nroum
the Anthropological building cemetery
with the same commcmhulo object Ih
view 01 course n multitude of peopK
ore hoerlng comlnuilly alotit thr-
t1irseridulinof atnrytiiqnugestuanHd imhortrhibelme onuettcoi
rountenaniv Ilui menoltin hang back
They prefer to study natIure ornativi
beauty ol a much later dale I nitlvr
beauty unadorned very much so Ih
large photographs from Occaniai tu- iltsphjed mluiuUoutly Ihi ntmtiier broIl oovf elrImeIhbcurieldingbloatndthueoirultdiKersathmerotlchairmsil
Islers nnd Lady acquaintances ilont
care for Ihe Ocemlca belles Ihey prefi
to mtmorlie every hair root tingling
luilectnyll moayf tchheasteterdreaabiolfuutl tmheummmatieshotiml iet
for the next two years
Yes ifI ymuihvD laity reed nice frHt
corpses JuiI rut II em out Inn do gte ui a test on thsse uu and withered
cheilnut Hour J JHMI

Deseret evening news., September 30, 1893, Part 2, Page 10, Image 10

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