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Cococino County – Race of Giants


Prehistoric Giant Found in Arizona Near Flagstaff. 

Legends of the Indian tribes of Arizona and Northern Mexico teem with tales of a race of giants who once lived on the mesas. Scientists say that prehistoric man was a little hairy creature bearing a closer resemblance to a monkey than a man. Darwinism enforces this belief. The hilts of the weapons of the men of the bronze age are too small to be clasped firmly by men of today. Their armor is too small for men of today. But the finding of a prehistoric skeleton in the Grand Canyon of the Colorado would, if authenticated, overthrow all the arguments of the scientists.

Forty miles from Flagstaff, Arizona, Hull, the guide, has unearthed the petrified skeleton of a man whom he estimated to have been at least seventeen feet high. An old Indian led the guide to the human monster’s tomb. The skeleton lay face downward on a shelf under a projecting rock. The right arm was extended.

Arizona, Cococino County, The Brush Tribune, 1900.

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