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Clair County – TALLER BY A HEAD


Skeletons Believed of Redskins Seven to Eight Feet Tall.

ST. LOUIS (AP).-A day when giant redskins



ST. LOUIS: (AP).-A day when giant Redskins, taller by head than Eastern Indians, roamed Midwestern plains and followed their chieftains even into the grave, conjured up by recent discoveries. Bluffs of the Mississippi River near here yielded nine skeletons, believed by their discoverers to be those of Indians seven to eight feet tall. Workmen unearthed the skeletons at a burial site in a region where other relics have been found in previous years. The height of the skeletons lay about 12 feet below the surface, face downward in two converging layers where they met. One of them was in an upright position, an unusual find.

The discovery of giant Indian skeletons in the Midwestern plains has been shrouded in mystery and controversy for decades. Despite numerous reports and findings, mainstream archeology has largely ignored the evidence and even actively covered up the existence of these massive ancient people.

The article from The Evening Star in 1931 recounts the discovery of nine skeletons, believed to be those of Indians seven to eight feet tall, in a burial site near the Mississippi River in Missouri. These giant redskins were said to have roamed the region, following their chieftains even into the grave.

But why has this incredible find been swept under the rug by the archaeological establishment? Some speculate that it is due to a fear of upsetting the established narrative of Native American history and culture. Others suggest that there may be more sinister motivations at play, such as the desire to maintain control over historical knowledge and limit access to certain information.

Regardless of the reasons for the cover-up, it is clear that these giant Indians were a significant part of the history of the Americas, and their existence deserves to be acknowledged and studied. It is time for a more open and honest exploration of our past, one that is not afraid to challenge the conventional wisdom and seek out the truth, no matter where it may lead us.

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