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Catahoula Parish County – More than 7 Feet

‚ÄčSkeletons of Giant Indians Unearthed In Louisiana Parish

By the associated Press.

NATCHEZ, Miss., June 23.- Skeletons of Indians estimated to have been more than 7 feet tall have been unearthed by explorers of Catahoula Parrish, La.

A search for Locations for study by members of the Smithsonian Institution disclosed from 15 to 20 of the skeletons in a grave on a mound at Larte Lake.
The discovery was made by Dr. E,. A. Beithaupt and E. W. Knight and was regarded as contributing to the  theory that the prehistoric mound builder once lived there.

It is important to address the controversy surrounding the handling and preservation of giant skeletons. Many have accused the Smithsonian and other institutions of mishandling, hiding, and even destroying evidence of giants in order to maintain a particular narrative that does not include their existence. This is a serious accusation that raises important questions about the ethics of scientific institutions and their commitment to pursuing the truth.

Eyewitness accounts and thorough measurements from professionals suggest that above-average height was not uncommon among prehistoric populations. If these skeletons are not properly studied and preserved, we risk losing valuable insights into our past and potentially missing out on important discoveries. It is crucial that we take a more open-minded approach to these findings and prioritize their preservation and study.

The controversy surrounding the Smithsonian and other institutions highlights the need for greater transparency and accountability in scientific research. As a dedicated researcher, it is my hope that we can work together to uncover the truth about our past, including the existence of giants, and ensure that these discoveries are treated with the respect and care they deserve.

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