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Caroline County – 7 Feet 4 Inches Tall

​Skeleton, 7 Feet 4 Inches High.

Cumberland Md., Jan. 27.-While F. B. Valentine was digging a ditch on his farm at Ridgely, opposite Cumberland this week, he found a collection of rare Indian relics, four feet from the surface. The find will be brought to the attention of the Smithsonian Institution, 7 feet 4 inches in length. Near the neck lay 154 beads made of Marzenella shells and 22 round stone beads.

  1. Maryland, Caroline County, The Washington Herald, 1912.

curators gonna curate Smithsonian NMAI-P11485 - CuratorsHate - quickmemeIt is frustrating to see yet another report of giant skeletons and Indian relics being discovered, only to be turned over to the Smithsonian Institution. Despite thousands of reports of these discoveries, the Smithsonian has failed to acknowledge them and continues to keep them hidden from the public eye. This recent find in Cumberland, Maryland, of a 7-foot-4-inch skeleton and rare Indian relics is just one of many examples of the underhanded dealings of the Smithsonian. It is important to preserve and study these discoveries to further our understanding of prehistoric times and the existence of giants in ancient history. The public deserves to know the truth about these findings and the Smithsonian should be held accountable for their actions.

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