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Buzzard Bay Giant Skeletons

Mr. Jefferon’s Cyclops. A giant skeleton unearthed at Buzzard’s Bay

BUZZARD’S BAY, Mass., July 4-Joseph Jefferson, the actor, has made an astonishing find on the Summer place which he has purchased here near that of ex-President Cleveland. In laying out the grounds and making alterations it be- came necessary to remove a sandhill of large size. The workmen, while doing this, found the skeleton of a man that filled them with astonishment from its great size.
When an attempt was made to lift up the skeleton it crumbled away, all except the skull. workman lay down by the side of it, however, and it was estimated that it must have belonged to a man at least 6 feet 5 or 6 inches in height. The most peculiar thing was brought to light, however, when the skull was taken to Mr. Jefferson and by him examined. It was like ordinary skulls, only larger, except that it had, as far as could be seen, no place where the eyes had been. There was one bole in the center of the forehead that might have once served for one eye. This led Mr. Jefferson to believe that he had, perhaps, discovered the skeleton of a Cyclops.

He said to Mr. Booth, who was paying him a visit, when he Ba the wonderful skull, that he and his brother actor had a chance at hand to play Hamlet” with a skull such as it had never been played with before. All the scientific gentlemen in the neighborhood have been as unable to give an explanation of the skull as were Mr. Jefferson and Mr. Booth. Mr. Jefferson will no doubt be glad to receive suggestions from men of science that may throw light on the matter.
1. (The New York Times July 5th, 1891)