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Brownsville Giant Human Jaw

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texas brownsvilleLast week, one of our enterprising young land dealers, Embry Owen, in the company of Mr. Lowery, a student at Mississippi University, took a pleasant driving trip to the mouth of the Rio Grande River for pleasure, hunting, and to look over that section of the country. On their trip, they saw a number of things that interested them and would cause them to remember this voyage in their older days. Among the most interesting sights they found was the lower jaw of a giant human being who evidently lived here during the prehistoric days of this country.

As Mr. Lowery is a medical student at the above-mentioned institution, he took this relic of ancient days with him to show his colleagues. The jawbone was found near the mouth of the Rio Grande River. They also reported that they had great sport shooting the big swordfish when they came out on the banks to bask in the sunshine. Mr. Owen has one of these swords and intends to keep it as a relic of this day’s outing.

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