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The American Indian Museum reports the excavation of a mound at Tioga Point, near Sayre, Pa., in which the skeletons of sixty eight giants were found, the indicators being that they were buried at least 800 years. The average height of the men was seven feet, but many were taller. Huge stone axes were found with the bones.

The discovery of 68 giant skeletons at Tioga Point near Sayre, Pennsylvania, is a fascinating and intriguing find. According to the American Indian Museum, the skeletons were found buried at least 800 years ago, and the average height of the men was seven feet, with many of them even taller. The discovery of huge stone axes along with the bones adds to the mystery surrounding this find.

What makes this discovery all the more fascinating is the thoroughness of the measurements, which were taken by professional eyewitness accounts. The fact that the American Indian Museum reported these findings adds even more credibility to the discovery. It is not every day that such a large number of giant skeletons are found in one place, and the fact that these were found in such an ancient burial site only adds to the intrigue.

The frequency of above-average height in these skeletons raises interesting questions about the history of the human species. Were there really giant people walking around in ancient times, or could this be a result of some sort of genetic mutation or other phenomenon? While we may never know the full story behind these giant skeletons, it is clear that they are an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to understanding the history of human beings.

As we continue to learn more about the world around us, it is likely that more discoveries like this one will be made. Who knows what other mysteries are hiding just beneath the surface of the earth, waiting to be uncovered? One thing is for sure – as technology advances and we become more skilled at uncovering and analyzing ancient remains, we are likely to uncover even more incredible discoveries in the future.

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