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Bourbon Kentucky – More Powerful Race of Men

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In many portions of the United States and Mexico are the footprints of a higher civilization than that found by our fathers when they landed on these shores. These mounds, or these burial places, as well as the ruins of crude forts, are found most abundant in the West and South, leading many to suppose that the capitol of the nation must have been on the Ohio River. The bones dug up from these burial places indicate a much larger and more powerful race of men than now inhabit the globe. Many jawbones have been found that entirely cover that of the largest man.
These people had their enemies, as is manifest from the fact of them having forts for self defense. The writer has observed that the burial places are unusually surrounded by fields, wherein are strown great quantities of broken flints, or arrowheads, indicating that there has either been a village located there,  or else that it has been the scene of a battle.
The weapons used must have been bows and arrows, since we find the arrowheads ins such abundance. Flint not being stone found in the vicinity of the Ohio River, we very naturally infer that it must have been carried from some other place.
If these people had other weapons than bows and arrows, or wooden spears, the …

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