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Boone County – Seven Feet Two Inches


A Gigantic Skeleton Unearthed on Kentucky Shore of the Ohio.

CINCINNATI, O., July 7. – The little town of Petersburg Ky., twenty-five miles down the Ohio river, is enjoying a sensation just now of a peculiarly interesting character. Several days ago party were making excavations to build a house. While the work of the pick and shovel were going on they came across a strange looking Indian grave , the receptacle of which had been made of stone and clay formed into a kind of cement, about three feet in height, and fully nine feet in length. Within this rude vault lay a giant human skeleton that measured seven feet two inches in length. The bones were all of large proportions, and the monstrous skull with the teeth perfect and in tact, was more than half an inch thick at the base.

A number of copper pieces, evidently worn for ornaments, a stone pike and a quantity of arrow heads were found in the decaying bones. The air had scarcely reached the receptacle when the bones crumbled and broke into dust. Evidently the remains were those of not only a giant among men, but probably a leader of his people, judging from the remark-able care with which they had been laid to rest.

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