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Between Weldon and Garysburg. . . . Giants


Weldon and Garysburg Weldon and Garysburg

More Big Indians Found in Virginia

Not to be behind Canada, Virginia puts in a claim of the possession of a cave full of dead Indians, the Petersburg Index giving the tale as quoted below, on the authority of gentlemen whom it asserts to be of the highest character and credit. who have seen with their own eyes, and touched and tested with their own hands, the wonderful objects or which they make report as follows:

“The workmen engaged in opening a way for the projected¬† railroad between Weldon and Garysburg struck Monday, about one mile from the former place, in a bank beside the river, a catacomb of skeletons, supposed to be those of Indians, of a remote age and a lost and forgotten race. The bodies exhumed were of a strange and remarkable formation. The skulls were nearly an inch in thickness; the teeth were filed sharp, as are those of cannibals, the enamel perfectly preserved; the bones were of wonderful length and strength- the femur being as long as a leg of an ordinary man. the stature of the body being, probably, as great as eight or nine feet. Near their heads were sharp stone arrows, stone mortars,in which their corn was brayed, and the bowls of pipes, apparently of soft pliable soap-stone. The teeth of the skeleton are said to be as large¬† as those of horses. One of them has been brought to the city, and presented to the officer of the Petersburg Railroad. the bodies were found closely packed together, laid tier on tier as it seemed. There was no discernable ingress into egress out of the mound. Weldon and Garysburg

The New York Times, September 8. 1871