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Berryville, Virginia. Giant Skeletons

Flood waters near Berryville. Virginia unearth a 7 1/2 foot skeleton of an ancient human. Of
course, when this human, to whom the bones belonged, was alive in the flesh he would have been
more like 7 feet. 9 inches tall. Also, this skeleton like some others found in the same area had
generally 2 to 3 times the mass as that of contemporary humans. The grave where the skeleton
was found was centrally located amongst other graves, perhaps, testifying to the important
position in society that the owner of these bones once held.
Another find, much larger than the first, was on the farm of Felix McManus, near Berryville,
Virginia This is supposed to be an old Indian cemetery, and the unearthing was done by floods
when the Shenandoah River was unusually high. Practically the same sort of relics were found,
including a tomahawk. The graves were grouped around a center one in which the skeleton
measured seven and one-half feet.

(THE NEW YORK TIMES, JUNE 81 1924 – VIII, 2:7.)

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