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Bell County – Man Eight Feet High


Dug Out of a Cellar on Elkwell Creek, Kentucky РSkeleton of a Man Eight Feet High. 

LEXINGTON, Ky., Nov. 9. -John Winter, of Bell County, last week, while digging a cellar at his home, on Elkwell Creek, excavated a giant mummy. The mummy was that of a man eight feet high, and wrapped in a winding cloth of skins. It was placed in a canoe-like coffin, and crumbled away upon being exposed to the air. At the head of a giant were a stone hatchet and a few cooking utensils and a large hollow stone, which presumably contained food. At his height was a skin shield, which had also crumbled to dust.

There are only 3 eight footers today and all of them are not naturalized. All three have a tumor pressing against their pituitary gland. Getting an unnatural  eight footer is about 1 chance in 2.65 Billion. To get a naturalized 8 footer today is zero.

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