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Beechbottom Giant Human Skeleton

Beechbottom Giant H554294_152206718265038_737462981_numan Skeleton

There Were Giants

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Discovery of a gisnt human skeleton in a mound at Beechbottom. W Va., by a group of U

niversity of Pennsylvania scientists is of more than passing importance. For the skeleton, besies being surrounded by jewelry and stone implements and what must have been woven coverings, was buried with copper andbronze coins having unde

ciphered inscriptions.

The mounds of the Ohio Valley have been one of ancient A

merica’s unsolved mysteries. Who the mound builders were, whence they came and why they vanish constitute a hidden chapter of the past. It is already kn


own that they had a civilization high in many respects, but the discovery of coins in the Beechbottom grave is believed to be the first proof of anything resembling a monetary system among them.

The size of the skeleton, which was that of a man about eight feet in height, is interesting but not essentially significant. Primitive peoples have always worshiped physical perfection. A giant man could easily achieve leadership which would justify such burial luxury as that found at Beechbottom. But even seven-footers are not at all common today, and the existence of an eight-footer is new in the recorded knowledge of these mysterious early Americans. Only close examination can determine whence such people probably came, from the East or the West, from Europe or Asia. Meanwhile, it is interesting to know that giants- giants who even coined money-lived in the distant past that knew the cryptic mounds of the upper Ohio.


Research done by Rephaim23

~Chris L Lesley/GAWMuseum



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