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Bedfordshire, England 6′ 6″ with a Massive Head

Prehistoric Human Remains of Man
and Woman of Priceless Value
Found in Bedfordshire
(Special Dispatch.)
London Saturday-
A remarkable discovery of the skeletons
of a man and woman belonging to the
stone age which antiquarians consider of
prlceless value has just been made at Astwick,
in Bedfordshire. Some workmen
were laying a conduit near the line of the bed of the
river Ivel when they came
across the skeletons. They were examined
by Dr Wuddell, a well known antiquary,
who at once gave as his opinion that
they belonged to the Neolithic period and
were of great importance to the world of
The male is believed to have been a
chieftain, and he must have been a man
of magnificent physique, as the skeleton
measures six feet six inches, while the
head is massive. The woman was laid at right angles to the man, with her feet resting against the side of his body. Apparently when her lord died
her lord died she had been slain and buried with him, according to prehistoric custom. Both skeletons are complete and in a good state of preservation, due to the nature of the soil. Their ultimate resting place will in all probability be the British Museum.

Deseret evening news., November 19, 1910, Last Edition, Part Two, Image 14

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