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Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. Two Giant Human Skeleton

Beaver Falls,


Two Giant Human Skeletons

Two Giant Human Skeletons Found.

BEAVER FALLS, Aug. 22.-[Special]= Workmen, while digging a ditch from the new shovel works to the river at Ailquippa to-day, unearthed the remains of two skeletons. They are of gigantic size, and are supposed to be the remains of two Indians. They have been in the ground for many years, as the larger bones and skull only remain.

Beaver Falls i located on the East side of the Ohio River in western Pennsylvania. This is most likely the same close mound-builder culture that existed in Ohio. We need more information on this, this is one of those stub articles that there are no measurements or details.

We put these articles out there for “giant-hunters” to follow up and do further research each of these further. Pick an article that is local to where you live and visit the local main library, museum or historical center of the town closest to the place where the skeletons were found. If you find out any more information please respond in the comments section of the article you research. We put out the initial articles so other may follow up with more research.

JPEG Pittsburg dispatch Aug 23,1892 Pg 10