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Beaver County – Between 7 & 8 Feet Tall

SKELETON OF A GIANT Interesting Discovery Made by James Valentine and Titus Greenwood

James Valentine and Titus Greenwood made a most interesting discovery one day last week, says the Beaver News. While plowing for a ditch up North Creek, about five miles from Beaver, they opened up an old grave containing the well-preserved skeleton of a man. The bones were of enormous size and were undoubtedly the remains of a giant, possibly of prehistoric days.

Mr. Greenwood is a large man, but measurements of this skeleton showed that if stood upright, it would exceed his height by several inches, while the bare skull is larger than an ordinary man’s head. The man must have been between seven and eight feet tall. Professor Hansen, who examined the skeleton, expressed the opinion that it was not that of an Indian of the present-day race, as the skull was of different shape.

A small piece of deer horn about eight inches long was found in the grave. A coyote’s head was rudely carved on one end, and a hole through the other end indicated that it had been used as the handle for a whip or some other implement. The grave had been walled up on the lower side. Mr. Valentine will make further excavations in the hope of finding relics that may throw more light on the age and origin of the skeleton.

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