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Beaufort’s County – Leg measures 5-6 Feet


“SIMILAR SKELETONS have been found, and under the skull of every one were found similar funeral vases, almost exactly like the one described. There are now in this city several of the vases. The thigh and shin bones, together with the bones of the foot, stood up in a proper position, measuring five feet in height, and showing the body to which the leg belonged to have been from nine to ten feet in height. At Beaufort’s Landing, near Barfield, in digging a deep ditch, a skeleton was dug up, the leg of which measured between five and six feet in length, and other bones in proportion. It is not a matter of doubt that these are HUMAN REMAINS, but of a long-extinct race – a race which flourished, lived, and died many centuries ago.”

  1. South Carolina, Beaufort County, 1867. 

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