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Barnstable County – Cyclop Giant

An interesting find has been made on Joseph Jefferson’s estate at Buzzard’s Bay, where the workmen dug up the skeleton of a prehistoric giant, having only one eye set in the center of an enormous skull.

The discovery of a prehistoric giant skeleton with a single eye set in the center of an enormous skull is a significant find that could provide valuable insights into our understanding of ancient humans. The size of the skeleton indicates that the giant was likely much taller than average, which raises questions about the lifestyle and physical abilities of these prehistoric humans. Additionally, the unique physical feature of having only one eye in the center of the skull is intriguing and may suggest that this giant belonged to a distinct and unusual group of humans. The preservation of this skeleton is vital for scientific research, as it can provide new information about the physical and social characteristics of prehistoric humans. The discovery of this prehistoric giant highlights the importance of ongoing archaeological research and the need to continue uncovering and preserving these valuable artifacts.

  1.  Massachusetts, Barnstable County 1891​

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