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Baltimore Maryland. The Amazonian Mummy


Baltimore: The Amazonian Mummy

The American Dime Museum

once located at 1808 Maryland Avenue has now closed and auctioned off its exhibits including the The Amazonian Mummy. According to former museum volunteer, Ellen Garrity, the museum displayed an unusual assortment of mummies. These included:

 Peruvian Amazon: Over one thousand years old and over nine feet tall, this huge woman died and was naturally mummified in the cold, dry atmosphere of the Andes Mountains of Peru. She still wore the remains of her native clothing (and sandals).  (This was a Nelson Supply Company sideshow mummy.) The Amazonian Mummy

It is a shame that this local museum is closed, some of the best museums in the world are these little dime store museums. I would have very much liked to have had the chance to purchase some of these items at auction. Funding being as it is, there are many items i see on auction that get bought up by private individuals with deep pockets.

Reminder: (We do have a donate button and a gofundme link in the sidebar on the Homepage, we would like to take the model of greater ancestry and display it front and center competing with some of the major government institutional museums, even surpasing them.

~Chris L Lesley