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Aymara Mummy

The Aymara mummy, which possibly could be from Paracas.

Garcilasso de la Vega tells us that the dead Incas were seated in a temple at Cuzco, wearing their royal ornaments as if they were still alive; their hands were crossed upon their breasts, and their heads were bending slightly forward.29. . . . .  a remarkable change took place in the ideas of man, and the dead instead of being buried intact were consumed by fire on the funeral pile.

What can have been the origin of this custom? What race first practised it?  . . .  The Marquis de Saporta had indeed before suggested that the primitive races who were the contemporaries of the mammoth and the rhinoceros came originally from the polar regions, where the remains of a luxuriant vegetation prove that climatic conditions prevailed in remote times of a very different character to those of the present day. . . .  In those remote days, life, abundant life, similar to that now only found in the temperate countries farther south, flourished in those polar regions, so long supposed to have never been anything but lifeless deserts.

The first obvious thing about this mummy is that it is macrocephalus (big-head), There are two types of elongated skulls.

1. True elongated skulls from a variation, a race of humans with excessive age demonstrating longevity coupled with stunted growth. Like today: growth ends at a certain point in which the head continues to grow. You can find lots on this by the author Jack Cuozzo. These people exhibit high neotony in the head and facial region, a higher maturity above that of the aborigines, and just above the neanderthals, in that order.

Take a good look at the thighbone to spinal length. When i sit in this position my knees not go this high. If my knees went that high i would be 7 feet tall. Also look at the length of the feet, they too are long. Overall the proportions fit a basketball player. If any measurements of this mummy is found please contact me. ~Chris L Lesley