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Average Skeleton 7 feet. Preston County, West Virginia

At the Sandy Creek Mound in Preston West Virginia Several skull were excavated form this mound, after trying to retrieve one of the skulls and failing as the crumbled away at the touch. One was secured, all of the skulls had a peculiar 1 inch by one half inch bone where the sutures meet all of them possessed this peculiar feature. The skulls were long and narrow, long faces and low foreheads.
A skeleton was found at Tioga point, on the Murray farm outside the city limits SW of the town of Sayve. In a mound there the bones of 68 were buried there it was estimated to have happened about 1200 A.D. The average size of these 68 skeletons was about 7 feet in length, with many of these individuals much taller.
Many of the skulls possessed “horn buds” horns that had been there from birth, which were located 2 inches above the forehead.
The excavators of these skeletons were Professor A.B. Skinner from the American Investigating Museum, Professor W.K. Morehead from the Phillips Andover Academy,Dr. G.P. Donahoo church dignitary and Pennsylvanian State historian,
It seems that the skeletons were sent to the American Investigating museum, and the museum does not admit to having them or their existence.

~Chris L Lesley

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