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Another Opinion on Cardiff



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… T,.,ii. r vi,.i, c
has been to see the giant, and is of the
opinion that it is a petrifaction. He
g ves the following account of it :
The body when found was imbed-
i . -.,. in,h i .,.i ,
of the same color precisely as the
.i. ii.. irLi.
f ,k. ..m. i,.r,,t.,Li
11111 Ul mniy iirii, nil 11 19 a
. – ‘ . .
bluish gray limestone. A thin layer
of yellowish clay under this. Over
the- whole was a deposit of alluvial
soil, about three feet iu thickness.
The field is a clover lot, extending
from the present led of the creek,
about twenty yanh distant, up to a
low, sloping bank, at the foot of
which lies the body of the giant, the
face toward the bank. The upper
Portions of the body at the left eye
row, at the hip, tin breast bone the
knee cap, aud about the toes of the
left foot, are water worn, and thus
partially jiolished, disclosing the blu
ish gray liniestonecnpping up through
the yellowish while incrustation of
carbonate of lime with which the
body was at one time evidently entire
ly covered. The conclusion is inevit
able that at a formerperiod the creek
ran along by a low bank, and gradu
ally covered the boy with alluvial
deposits. By successive overflows it
formed the interval, and receded to its
present channel. This must have oc
curred long subsequently to the petri
fication of the body of the giant,
which evidently took place at a time
when the Onondaga valley was a lake,
in its ‘ whole extension, lying up
against the present ranges of high
bluffs as its shores.
The sole of the left foot, uuder side
of the left calf, thigh and elbow, and
a portion of the lingers of the left
hand lying under him, are somewhat
eaten away or honeycombed, while
the remaining portions of the same
parts are untouehedjby the corroding
agency. Proof conclusive to my
mind, that this was done prior to the
commencement of the petrifying pro
cess, lies in the fact that the right ex
ternal ear flap, and large tortious om
tne neck, in tne immediate region or
the car, the under jaw and lower edge
of the cheek near it, are hanging in
unmistakable clots of rotting and
dropping flesh, besmeared as it were
with the oozing pus of incipient
putrescence; and at that very point,
fortunately, we may say, for the inter
est of the” face, arrested from further
decay by the preservatory processes of

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