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Calhoun County 62″ thighbone


CICANTIC HUMAN BONES’- The Skeletons of An Extinct Giant Race Dug Up. Annistan. Ala., July 21 Today, while laying sewer pipe In the eastern part of the city, Mr. D. A. Liicy dug into a mound which appeared to bo only a small knoll on the side of the hill, but which proved to be the burial ground for a giaut race now extinct After digging down to a depth of five feet.the ground became loose and could be shoveled up without using the pick When a depth of ten feet had been reached, a number of human bones were found. They were in a state of perfect preservation, but there was no sign of the bodies ever having been put iu a coffin. A bunch of hair was lvino-beside lvino-beside each skull. The bones were” lv-ingin lv-ingin a heap, all crossed and tumbled together, and it was with great dilli-eulty dilli-eulty that one complete skeleton was put together. Several bones were measured, and one of the thigh bones was 62 inches long, and others in proportion. pro-portion. One of the skulls measured 84 inches around just above the ears.
  1. Salt Lake Times | 1890-07-21 | Page 4 | Gigantic Human Bones

The bones of some prehistoric giants have been unearthed near Aniston, Ala. One of the thigh bones was sixty-two inches long, and the skulls averaged thirty-four inches in circumference.

Anniston is a city in Calhoun County in the state of Alabama. The city is situated on the slope of Blue Mountain.

In 2002, an investigation by 60 Minutes[18] revealed Anniston had been among the most toxic cities in the country. The primary source of local contamination was a Monsanto chemical factory, which had already been closed.

For those conspiracy or just free-thinking here is something to latch onto: The location of the skeleton was: “prehistoric giants have been unearthed near Aniston, Ala.”

While the chemical spill that is quaranteed off is located: “Anniston plant encompasses approximately 70 acres of land and is located about 1 mile west of downtown Anniston, Alabama.”

It would be nice for a local to follow up and see if these two locations overlap somewhere, could the bones be located there, or are they already removed?

Chris L Lesley

You can see a map from 1887 here:

Aniston 62″ thighbone

The Louisiana Democrat., September 03, 1890, pg 4

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Witchita Daily Eagle, (Witchita, Kan.), 26 May 1894.