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Ancient Plumbing For A Cave, China

The discovery of ancient pipes in China has left researchers stunned, opening up new possibilities and raising questions about human history. Scientists, scholars, and historians have long relied on findings to solve problems and reveal new information about our past. However, the discovery of artifacts that do not fit the time period in which they were thought to belong, due to their advanced technology, have caused headaches for researchers.

The pipes were discovered in Mount Baigong, where they were given the name “out-of-place artifacts” or OOPART by archaeologists worldwide. The discovery of these pipes, along with other OOPARTs, has challenged the history taught to students today, leading to debates and discussions. The pipes found in a pyramid near Baigong Mountain in Qinghai Province are a prime example of this.

Archaeologists discovered three caves with several pipes of the same kind, leading to the conclusion that the pipes were leading to a saltwater lake near the caves. To further analyze the pipes, researchers used a cutting-edge technique called thermoluminescence and discovered that they are supposed to be 150,000 years old. However, these dating techniques come with a significant measure of uncertainty.

The age of the pipes is not the only thing that has baffled researchers. According to classical tradition, the first population to settle in the area was 30,000 people, making the age of the pipes completely incompatible. This has led scholar Yang Ji to speculate that the pipes and even the pyramids in the area were built by an advanced civilization, one that was not human and had the capability to produce technology beyond what was thought possible at that time.

The radioactivity of the pipes is also unusual, further adding to the mystery surrounding their discovery. This discovery has raised questions about the possibility of advanced civilizations existing in the past, a possibility that was previously thought to be impossible. The discovery of these pipes has opened up new avenues for research and has challenged our understanding of human history.
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