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Ancient Giant Skeletons Unearthed in Arkansas Burial Mound

From reliable measurements of the bones of a skeleton found near the Chikawbwa mound would place this individual int the 9 foot range. It was said that the skull was so large that it could fit entirely over the head of a full grown man today,   easily. A measurement was done by one of the editors of the Appeal measured a thigh bone which was 36″ in length, the other bones corresponded to this Gigantic individual.

These skull are no isolated incident, as a matter of fact many skulls of this size have been found, may of them were once displayed in the same city, all of them with funeral vases beneath the skulls.

In a physician’s office in the same city the thigh, shin bones, and the foot was displayed in the office which measured 5 feet in height. The individual that this belonged to has not yet been properly estimated but it is written that he must have been over 10 feet in height.

On the East bank of the Pemiscott Bayou, a stream off the St Francis River approximately two miles west of Battlefield Point, in Chickasawba, Arkansas is where these skeletons were found.   They were excavated from an area named after a chief that was buried in the area who also was said to be of great size and strength.

~Chris L Lesley

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