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Ancient Brain Surgery 5000 ya in China

Chinese Did Successful Skull Surgery 5,000 Years Ago

5,000 Years Ago Skull Surgery A Success

From CRI Online

A human skull [left], which is believed to have had a successful brain operation some 5,000 years ago, was recently shown to the public at the Shangdong Provincial Museum.

The human skull was discovered in 1995, among relics of the Dawenkou culture, a society that lasted about 1,500 years, beginning around 6,100 years ago.

The skull was eventually excavated by archaeologists about six years ago.

Experts found a hole, 3.1 by 2.5 centimeters wide, on the right part of the top back of the skull, which is believed to be that of an adult male.

The circular arc on the edge of the hole was grown naturally, but only after some modifications and bone tissue repair was done.

Many experts believe this growth indicates that the skull’s owner survived the operation for a long period of time afterwards, proving the prehistoric operation’s success.

5,000 Years Ago Skull Surgery A Success

Such an intricate surgical operation, done in such a. . .(believed) un-technological age, (possibly) the earliest successful brain operation conducted in Chinese medicine history.

Posted by mrszippy on Wednesday, June 13, 2007