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Amelia Island Giant Stone Axe

smithsonianknowledgeI plan on doing an exhaustive investigation on the large stone axe that was found at Amelia Island, i am hoping that i am able to replicate it and add to my current. collection.

The excavator of the mound in question was a Doctor named Augustus Mitchell. He exclaimed that in the mound coal was evenly diffused throughout the mound, which contained little pants on firesmithsonianevidence of pottery.

Mitchell found two Hatchets, one of which i believe i have seen at the Amelia Island Historical Museum. He claimed that there was a giant stone axe which wasthe largest he had seen. The Giant hatchet had the marks of being burnt and lay next to a large skull, and a skeleton about 7 feet long.

I live near Amelia Island and know many people on the historic society, i attend functions, i will investigate more on these artifacts.

~Chris L Lesley

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